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Cassus Media is dedicated to helping churches around the world spread the Gospel of Christ online.

Make a difference in your congregation.

Statistics have shown that new generations of Christians are beginning to decline in number. Through our research, we’ve found that one of the biggest complaints that young Christians have is a lack of access to their churches online, service times, and an inability to provide a link to new members who might have otherwise joined.

New churches start every year around the world, but most of them don’t last because they don’t keep up with modern technology. Many Christian church websites were built in the mid-to-late 1990’s, and no longer function.

We pride ourselves on building affordable, modern websites for churches to help spread the Gospel to a new generation of Christians who expect access to the information they seek online from their church.

Affordable pricing, only for Christian churches.

We’ve recently completed an internal survey with various churches of different denominations around the United States, and asked one question:

Why isn’t your website updated?

Their answer was puzzling, but not surprising. Almost unanimously, the answer was usually:

“It’s too expensive.”

We thought that was ridiculous, and so we’ve set out to help our fellow Christians gain affordable access to new websites. It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars to build a modern informational website anymore, but it does take training and someone with the skills to get it done. That’s why we want to help, and at an affordable price.

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